Prof. Dr. Atilla Gökhan Özgreen treats his patient in the dentist's chair

How to Choose the Right Dental Clinic in Turkey?

How to Choose the Right Dental Clinic in Turkey?

Choosing the right dental clinic for effective dental treatment is very important, and a possible wrong clinic choice will affect your health negatively and waste your money. So, what criteria should we consider when choosing a clinic for dental treatment? In this article, you will find a clear answer to the question, “How to choose the right dental clinic?”

Dentists Experience 

The experience of the doctor you will choose in dental treatment is one of the most important criteria. When researching a doctor, you should always consider the doctor’s past treatments, success and satisfaction rates, patient comments, and how many years of experience he or she has.


Use of Technology

Before determining your clinic for dental treatment, research how technological devices the clinic uses. However, the clinic’s hygiene and the environment’s professionalism are other important criteria you should consider.



When choosing your dental centre, we recommend examining the clinic’s location. If it has a central and good location, it both facilitates your work in terms of transportation and allows you to have an idea about the reliability and quality of the clinic. Apart from the location, the working hours are another essential factor you should pay attention to. Clinics with flexible working hours are centres with high customer potential and are frequently preferred.


Free Consultation

Make a free consultation appointment and evaluate the dentist’s approach! Many dental clinics with high service standards have free consultation services. Moreover, consultation appointments can be face-to-face or online. The free consultation, the doctor’s communication, his approach to your dental problems, and the treatment methods he offers can guide you to make the right choice. However, whether you feel comfortable in front of the doctor will play an effective role in the decision-making process. In this way, before making your doctor and clinic choice, you can ask your doctor the questions on your mind and continue on this road more confidently.


Patient Reviews

When conducting clinical research, read reviews from previously treated patients. If possible, you can make a healthier decision by examining the before & after photos of these patients.

After applying all these criteria, you can minimize the chance of making mistakes by choosing the dental centre that you find more appropriate. If you want to have dental treatment at affordable prices and have the smile of your dreams, you can contact us and create your free consultation appointment right now.




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