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How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy in The New Year

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy in The New Year 2023

As the new year approaches, take good care of your teeth, reflect on your happiness, and review your dental habits. Reading our blog lets you learn how to have perfect and healthy teeth.

Having healthy white teeth directly affects our general health and aesthetic smile. When you smile, shining with flawless teeth adds self-confidence, while consuming hot or cold foods with peace of mind makes daily life easier. Our mouth, where we start to consume foods, protects us against many diseases with its health. But losing its health affects our immune system negatively.

You can always have healthy teeth and mouth by paying attention to the below topics.

🎄 Pay Attention to Oral Hygiene 

During the day, teeth are exposed to many external factors. In particular, sugary and acidic foods can cause damage to tooth enamel. If the teeth are not purified from these foods or various bacteria taken from the external environment, it damages the tooth enamel. Damage to the tooth enamel means that the tooth loses its protective shield and becomes prone to decay. By paying attention to oral hygiene, damage to the enamel can be prevented.

  • Brush your teeth at least two times a day with a brush suitable for your gum structure. Brush for at least two minutes. You can use an electronic brush which has a built-in timer. ✨
  • Use mouthwashes to kill other bacteria in the mouth. ✨
  • Use dental floss to clean the food particles accumulated in hard-to-reach places.  ✨

Maintain your oral hygiene with regular oral care. You can request a free consultation and get detailed information about your teeth’ health.


🎄 Do Not Miss Your Annual Dental Examination

It is necessary to go for a regular dental examination every year. With the general examination to be performed by the dentist, the tooth structure is closely examined. Early intervention can protect dental health and prevent tooth loss in case of a possible onset of caries or gingival recession. However, if the dental examination is delayed and the tooth develops sensitivity due to decay, it may be too late for intervention.

Progressive caries can cause damage to the roots and nerves of the teeth and loss of the tooth. With the detection of dental caries in the annual examination, the tooth is cleaned from caries and filled with special materials. This way, dental health is protected.

Fillings made in the past can wear out over time and may need to be changed. People may not notice this situation. With the ageing of the filling, the filling may tend to break, and the broken area may tend to rot. An annual examination determines this situation, and possible tooth decay is prevented. During a comprehensive routine examination, Prof. Dr Ozyesil examines the patient’s oral health in detail and determines the necessary interventions.


🎄 Pay Attention to the Food You Consume

Pay attention to the consumed foods to preserve the teeth’ whiteness and keep the tooth enamel strong. Coffee, tea, water with lemon, nuts, red wine, and citrus fruits are the elements that cause the yellowing of the teeth. In addition, cigarette consumption negatively affects tooth whiteness and enamel health.

Regular use of such items and not paying attention to oral hygiene while using them can cause yellowing of the teeth. Changing your eating habits and regularly brushing your teeth will help you slow down or stop it.

Direct consumption of extremely hot or extremely cold foods that come into contact with teeth can also cause cracking of tooth enamel. Erosion of the enamel can leave the tooth vulnerable and predispose it to decay. Therefore, you need to be careful about the temperature of the foods and the foods consumed.

How to Do the Best Dental Care?

Dental care can be done regularly by you at home or professionally in dental clinics. The care in dental clinics can be done once or twice a year and provides a general and detailed dental cleaning. These treatments, consisting of teeth whitening or tartar cleaning, create visible and strong changes in the teeth. Home care is applied with whitening agents recommended by the dentist. At this point, people should use these agents regularly within the scope of their doctor’s recommendations.

Foods and beverages that have a bleaching effect should not be consumed. Teeth cleaning is another application that can prevent possible caries. Tartars are formations that cannot be removed by tooth brushing and cause damage to the tooth roots after a while. Dental health can be maintained with annual tartar cleaning.

Briefly, to protect dental health in the new year, pay attention to your oral health in the first place. Do not interrupt your annual check-up and do your general oral examinations regularly. Dental problems should not be ignored if detected; appropriate treatment should be provided.

Prof. Dr Ozyesil ensures that his patients have healthy teeth in the new year by providing all the necessary treatments in his clinic.

A healthy smile is a key to a happy new year.

🎄🎄🎄 Welcome 2023. Happy New Year. 🎄🎄🎄

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