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Turkey Teeth



Turkey teeth clinics welcome thousands of foreign patients from abroad annually for dental treatments, with its specialist dentists, dental clinics, and hospitals offering professional services. People from all around the world come to Turkey to improve their dental health or to have an aesthetic smile. After completing the necessary treatment processes, patients return to their countries in peace. While Turkey has achieved thousands of successes with dental treatments, specific clinics have contributed significantly.

Prof. Dr Atilla Gokhan Ozyesil’s clinic is serving in Istanbul, bringing together all the dental treatments patients may need under the same roof. At Prof Dr Ozyesil’s clinic, we provide long-lasting and successful results to our patients with professional treatment plans.

What is Turkey Teeth? 

Turkey is a country that carries out studies in light of current information and methods in the field of dental treatment and dental aesthetics. One of the most critical factors in spreading the success of Turkey in the health sector to the whole world is the successful results in dental treatments. After that, the “Turkey Teeth” word was formed. Turkey’s health services are more affordable than Europe and America, which has allowed patients to access successful treatments at affordable prices. This situation makes thousands of domestic and foreign patients prefer Turkey for dental treatment.

Prof. Dr Ozyesil offers dental treatment with great care and professionalism.


Which Dental Treatments Are Popular in Turkey?

Each of the popular dental treatments worldwide is also applied in Turkey. Moreover, all medical products used within the scope of treatment are imported from abroad. Turkey combines all the proven procedures a patient may need for dental aesthetics and treatments.

Dental clinics specializing in dental diseases or aesthetics work diligently on various treatments. Especially some treatments are highly preferred, and the number of applications is increasing daily.

Tooth Decay Treatments: Tooth decay is a dental disease in all age groups and can cause tooth loss. It is the process of clearing the decayed area from caries and then filling the resulting cavity with medical materials similar to the natural appearance of the tooth. If the patient has a caries problem before different treatment plans, priority is given to dental caries treatment.

Implant Treatment: Tooth loss may develop due to various reasons. The resulting tooth loss can negatively affect the teeth’ aesthetic appearance and the mouth’s functional structure. With implant treatment, an artificial tooth root is placed in the place of ​​the missing tooth. After the implant fuses with the jawbone, a porcelain implant with a natural tooth appearance is placed on the artificial root. After that, the treatment is completed.

Veneer Treatments: Various veneer treatments are applied to eliminate colour changes, fractures, deformities, or tooth deficiencies in the tooth structure. In particular, zirconium veneers and E-max crowns are among the most commonly preferred veneer types today. Laminate Veneer, made only on the front surface of the teeth, is one of the frequently preferred dental applications.

Dental Aesthetics in Turkey

Dental aesthetics is applied for an aesthetic and perfect smile. Various treatments are used to correct the gingival structure, eliminate tooth loss, or have a regular tooth appearance. Again, within the scope of dental aesthetics, teeth whitening or tartar removal processes are also performed to make the teeth look white and bright.

Why Should I Have a Dental Treatment in Turkey?

Turkey is a country that has proven its success in dental treatments and provides professional services on Turkey teeth subject. Turkey also brings together dentists who are experts in dental diseases and the treatments that patients need. Due to the exchange rate difference, Turkey has a very convenient option by offering affordable dental treatment options. It is possible to reach accurate, successful, and professional dental treatments at low prices in Turkey.

How Long Does My Dental Treatment Take in Turkey?

The time needed to complete each dental treatment is different. For example, if caries or gingival recession is detected in the teeth of a patient who comes only for veneer treatment, these health problems should be eliminated first. While caries treatment can be completed in a single session, gingival recession is a longer-term treatment. After these treatments are completed, veneer treatment can be started.

Dental Veneer treatments are treatments that can be completed within two weeks. The veneer size suitable for the tooth structure is taken in the first session, and the veneers are prepared within one week – 10 days. After the personalized veneers are ready, the process is completed within one or two sessions.

If it is an implant treatment, the patient may need to come to Turkey twice or more than twice. In implant treatments, the artificial root should be placed in the jawbone as the first step. Then, a period of 2-3 months is needed. Suppose the implant is found suitable for the prosthesis in the next examination. In that case, the dental prosthesis is placed, and the procedure is completed. For precise information about the duration of dental treatment in Turkey, you should consult your doctor or clinic.

Turkey Dental Treatments Price

Dental treatment prices in Turkey vary depending on the treatments, how many teeth will be applied, and the physician who will perform the procedures. Due to the exchange rate difference, dental treatments are much more affordable compared to European Countries. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about the requested treatment, you can contact Prof. Dr Ozyesil via WhatsApp, DM or contact form.




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