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How to Spend Time During Dental Treatment in Istanbul? 

How to Spend Time During Dental Treatment in Istanbul? 

With its cultural richness, historical points, and natural beauty, Istanbul is an ancient city that enthrals everyone. The fact that it was the capital of three great empires throughout history proves that the city has a deep-rooted and rich past. The traces of The Eastern Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire are still here for you to explore.

Istanbul is a bridge between Asia and Europe and is a shared living space for different cultures and religions. A considerable period is required to explore the whole of this world city. However, you can see the main symbolic places of the city in short visits.


How can I travel to Istanbul?

Bringing Asia and Europe together, Turkey’s largest metropolitan city Istanbul is one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations with its bazaars, historical buildings, and streets. There are two airports in the city. Opened on October 29, 2018, and shown as one of the largest airports in the world, The Istanbul Airport is a hub for many direct flights to European and American destinations. It is located on the European side, and the airport is 20 minutes away from our clinic. On the other hand, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, located on the Anatolian side, is one hour away from the clinic.


Where to stay in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city suitable for many types of accommodation due to its geographical location and being a commercial city. You can find accommodation in both five-star ultra-luxurious hotels and budget-friendly modest hotels. Patients who come to Istanbul for dental treatment from abroad usually prefer hotels close to their preferred clinic and most suitable for them. However, no matter where your hotel is, thanks to Istanbul’s wide metro line, you can reach the clinic in a short time without getting stuck in traffic. Therefore, some patients may prefer the most popular areas of the city. Taksim on the European side and Kadıköy on the Anatolian side stand out among the most preferred regions in terms of accommodation. Our recommendation would be to choose Taksim, as the city life on the European side is a more vibrant and most suitable place for our clinic.


Historical Places of Istanbul

1- Topkapi Palace: Topkapi Palace, built as an imposing administrative centre that showed the power of the Ottoman Empire to the whole world, was completed in 1478 by Sultan Mehmet, the Conqueror. You should add Topkapi Palace to the list of historical places to see in Istanbul.

2- Hagia Sophia: The building, which started to be used as a mosque after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul in 1453, is one of the most important heritages of the world.

3- Basilica Cistern: The Basilica Cistern, one of the structures that will impress you the most in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square, was used to store the city’s water needs in the past.

4- Hagia Eirene Church: The church, which was converted into a museum in 1869, was built in 330 by the Great Emperor Constantine.

5- Dolmabahçe Palace: Dolmabahçe Palace, built by Sultan Abdülmecit and whose construction lasted until 1856, has been used as a museum since 1984.

6- Maiden’s Tower: The reconstructed Maiden’s Tower is located on the Bosphorus with its perfect view. You can have an extremely delicious and romantic dinner here.

7- Rumeli Fortress: The Rumeli Fortress, which was built on April 15, 1452, is a vital structure that has undertaken significant tasks in defence of Istanbul.

8- Galata Tower: Galata Tower, built in 528, is one of Turkey’s most important historical figures.


Turkish Cuisine

Since Istanbul is an ancient city that has existed for years, it is a place where you can experience delicious dishes with all tastes, from Ottoman cuisine to Anatolian flavours, from Mediterranean cuisine to Aegean cuisine. Besides that, since Istanbul is a world metropolitan city, it offers delicious tastes from world cuisine and local flavours.

We can list the flavours you should taste during your visit to Istanbul, according to their regions.

  • Fried Mussels or “Kokoreç” in Beyoğlu / Taksim
  • Kumpir in Ortaköy / Taksim
  • Grilled fish sandwich in Eminönü / Karaköy
  • “Boza” in Fatih
  • Special Meatball in Sultanahmet
  • “Döner Kebap” in Beşiktaş


Night Life in Istanbul

Istanbul offers world-class entertainment and nightlife activity to its visitors with its lively nights, quality restaurants, music clubs, theatres and concerts, nightclubs, bars and pubs. Istanbul is also one of the few big cities in the world that falls under the category of “cities that never sleep”. Istanbul is home to endless energy and colourful nightlife in every period of the year. Taksim, Beşiktaş and Kadıköy are the best places for nightlife in Istanbul.  Taksim is the most popular district of Istanbul because it has lively activities not only at night but also 24 hours a day. Therefore, your stay in Taksim will allow you to experience Istanbul in the best way and to stay close to our clinic. For more information about accommodation, you can contact us.


Shopping in Istanbul

Shopping Centers opened one after another in Istanbul in recent years attract tourists with their splendour and the opportunity to access all kinds of brands. Shopping centres in Istanbul also host many cultural events. In addition to traditional bazaars such as the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul’s best shopping centres, Kanyon, Metrocity, Cevahir, İstinye Park, Forum Istanbul, and Zorlu Center are among the most popular shopping centres on the European side of Istanbul.


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